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A CSR action that matters

Initiated a three year CSR project of great impact for the city of Thessaloniki where hundreds of volunteers were brought together and made a difference in the community. It entailed the systematic and organized cleanup of the waterfront of Thessaloniki (Nea Paralia) and was organized by Anatolia College in collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Alpha Bank and the YMCA.

Press Conference in Cyprus

This interactive and successful press conference was organized to introduce the Lidl sponsorship of the Center for Talented Youth program of Anatolia College" in Cyprus. Information was given in a fun way as journalists assumed the role of scientists and experimented on issues regarding nutrition and healthy eating.

Training in Communication Skills

An empowering masterclass in communications skills offered by EIM, the Greek Marketing Association of EEDE in Thessaloniki.

Building awareness for the German School

As annual project that built brand awareness for the German School of Thessaloniki’, and clearly communicated the advantages of a German based education to a targeted parent audience. A series of actions such as media cultivation, content creation, social media, CSR initiatives, new brochures as well as enrollment actions had an impactful effect.

Customer Care Training in Rhodes

People empowerment is key for a successful business. A group of 40 frontline employees and their managers were trained in effective customer care skills in a two day seminar in Rhodes.

Panafon rebrands to Vodafone

Successfully oversaw the challenging and complex rebranding phase of Panafon to Vodafone in 2002 for the area of Northern Greece. This included effective communication to the media, synchronizing actions regarding the change of the logo and building awareness for the new brand".